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Support via counselling has helped many people through challenging times

What is Counselling?

In a counselling session you can explore and discuss any problems you are experiencing.   Some people who come to counselling may not know what is causing their distress.  Some people may know what the issues are, but try to cope in unhealthy ways or find it difficult  to move forward, so stay stuck. 

When the problem/s are clearly understood, you will be supported to decide what is important for you to focus on and outcomes you are wanting to achieve. I work alongside you to facilitate you finding your answers and the right ways for you to move forward.

Benefits of Counselling

For any problem it is important to know ‘how and why’ it’s a problem.  Counselling may help you to see your circumstances from a different perspective enabling you to make the necessary changes that will result in the outcomes you are aiming for.  Sometimes new insight into your own self may be the information you have been looking for bringing deeper understandings of you.  During a difficult time or crisis, you will be empowered to not only cope but to do so in a way that produces learning for the future, so you can feel more in charge of your life.  I can help you to identify your own personal resources and capabilities, which are sometimes lost or buried in times of confusion and anxiety. 

How I Work With You

The relationship between a counsellor and a client is a therapeutic one.  At all times I will provide you with a caring, non-judgmental, safe and confidential environment to work through the counselling process.   You will be listened to, heard and accepted where ever you may be at.  At times I may ask questions to bring about clarity around specific issues so you can understand what they mean to you and how they impact you.  You will be respected and encouraged to work towards positive outcomes that will enhance your wellbeing.

What Kinds Of Issues Can Counselling Help With?

People come to counselling for a variety of reasons such as:

  • relationship issues
  • domestic violence
  • anger and anger management
  • grief & loss
  • anxiety and stress
  • depression
  • communication difficulties
  • self image and self esteem
  • loneliness and isolation
  • generalised feelings of unhappiness
  • motivation
  • relationship with our own self

Often it might feel there is nothing specific, instead lots of pressures such as:

  • managing work loads
  • finances
  • living arrangements
  • ill health